Bridge/Parapet Sawing for Removal

Sawing bridge parapet walls for removal offers several advantages over breaking:

Increased production. Typically 400’ of 18” wide Jersey-style wall can be saw cut flush with the deck, cut into 10’ pieces, and removed from site in one ten hour day.

  • Often eliminates the need for shielding at the edge of the bridge because falling debris is greatly reduced or eliminated.
  • Eliminates hammer-induced damage to remaining deck.
  • Reduction of site noise, dust, and debris.
  • Results in a smooth surface that can be formed and poured back within one day.
  • Minimal disruption of traffic on adjoining lanes, and traffic beneath.

CC&B designed 100 h.p. curb saw will saw cut flush with deck, up-to 19” deep.

Walls are cut into manageable sized pieces with CCB built, extra-length, deep saw.

Median barrier removed for temporary traffic cross-over.

Re-bar is cut from both sides allowing wall to be broken free at cold joint

Curb/sidewalk section is removed to increase roadway width and allow for two-way, partial width bridge re-construction.

CCB built side-winder saw cuts up-to 24” over from curb face without use of ramps.